Peel Medical Venturers & Medical Rovers

Medical Venturers or ‘MedVents’ is a vocational Scouting program for youth ages 14-18. The Medical Rovers or ‘MedRover’ Program is for ages 18-25. The program follows the Canadian Path, a Scouts Canada program which focuses on youth planned and executed programming. Peel MedVents adult leadership/Advisor team is composed of  Paramedics (both PCP and ACP’s), and Scouters! Working together, our team builds leadership skills, and through supervised practice, also provides First Aid and medical response services to both Scouting and community events!
Peel MedVents and MedRovers are proud to have achieved Scouts Canada’s Quality Program Award.  Our group works extremely hard to provide the youth with hands on, live saving knowledge and skills in a positive environment.  Our youth members and our advisors have won numerous awards for their hard work and dedication to scouting and the community.
Do you like going on adventures? Are you interested in the outdoors? Do you want to learn first aid and how to save someones life?  Are you considering a career in health care or emergency services?  If you answered yes, then Peel MedVents and Rovers is the group for you.

Don’t wait.  Join today and save a life tomorrow.