What are MedVents and Rovers

Scouts Canada is an international organization that provides outdoor programming to you ages five to twenty five.  The safety and health of participants has always been of paramount importance to the worldwide movement.

Historically, first aid services within scouting had been provided by outside agencies or by adult volunteers 0 though as a result of changes made to Scouts Canada adult screening requirements, it became more difficult to muster ad hoc volunteer first aid teams to provide this coverage.

In 1997 a newly established program from within BC called "Medical Venturers" (more commonly referred to as "MedVents") provided the medical services at the Scouts Jamboree in Kananasis- which welcomed approximately 14,000 scouts.

The Program spread to Ontario with the establishment of the Toronto MedVents and then quickly continued to develop into a new movement within scouting and now is an official vocational program within the Scouts Canada umbrella of programs!

Peel MedVents was established in 2004 by Dave Wakely and Janice Elliot, and at their first meeting there were five youth.  With careful tendering and continued interest of the youth involved the small group in Peel quickly began growing and developing- both in skill sets and members.

Today our program boasts a team of five advisors and almost 20 youth!  As youth progress through the MedVent program, they gain both experience and training.

What Do MedVents Do?

youth learn the principles of first aid and basic emergency response, which they then apply in a real-world environment under the supervision of their advisors (paramedics and other professionals).

MedVents enter the program with standard first and and CPR certification, which allows them to provide basic interventions to the ill and injured at scouting events as well as community events.

Peel MedVents often attend camps, jamborees, community events and much, much more - as the designated first aiders and medical response services.

What Are The Program Ages?

Youth can join the program as early as the age of 14.  Please note that with the changes toe the Canadian Scouting Program in the CanadianPath, youth MAY join Venturers at 14, even though the new program suggests "Scouts" are 10-14 years old.

A 14 year old may choose to move up to the Venturer program at 14 instead of waiting until the next year - so long as they turn 14 before December 31st of that Scouting year.

Medical Venturers ("MedVents")

14-17 years of age

Medical Rovers ("MedRovers")

18-25 years of age

Our Sponsor

Peel MedVents and Rovers is proudly sponsored by Peel Regional Paramedic Services.  This partnership has allowed youth members to develop their knowledge and skills which has lead to employment in the paramedic profession.  Peel Regional Paramedic Services provide a meeting location and equipment for our group to use both to train and to use at scouting and community events.

Is MedVents Right For Me?

Well that all depends on you!

Are you interested in volunteering in your community?  Do you like adventure? What about first aid?  Do you think you want to work in a medical profession when you're older?  Doctor? Paramedic? Nurse? Pharmacist? Do you like helping others?  Are you a leader? Do you like to learn things- "hands on"? Do you like to go camping?  What about camping for free?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions, this program is right for you!  Still not sure?.  Come check us out at a meeting or two, for FREE and try it out for yourself!  Think you should join?  E-mail us at slarge.peelmedvents@gmail.com and we will get you started in the right direction!

Venturers and Rovers have achieved Scouts Canada's Program Quality Award