First Aid Services

First Aid Service is What We Do

You will find Peel MedVents and Rovers at a variety of Scouting and Community events (big and small) providing first aid and first response services. Every event that we have has at least 1 automated external defibrillator (AED) onsite so when seconds counts we can cut down the time to treatment of a cardiac event.  If you would like to have us at your event, our like to have us assist with the medical planning for your event please contact us at


An important part of Peel MedVents scout program is providing first aid at local, national and international scouting events. Scouts Canada requires event organizers to attempt to mitigate the risks of there events. Members of the community planning and organizing events should have a medical plan and first aid team onsite to address any medical emergencies that arise.  Peel Medical Venturers can meet with you early in the planing process to help establish your scout first aid coverage needs and then we can provide the first aid services your event needs.  Services are provided on a donation basis which is how our group is funded.

Our team can provide:

Who Supervises?

Our Rover and Venturer Scout first aid volunteers are supervised by a group of medical advisors while performing patient care ensuring that our group delivers high standard of care.  All of our medical advisors are employed as either Primary or Advanced Care Paramedics meaning that every event is fully covered with qualified and knowledgable staff.