William (Billy) Pattison

William (Billy) Pattison, PCP

Medical Advisor

William has been Primary Care Paramedic with Waterloo EMS since 2018 as well as a Logistics Technician with Peel Regional Paramedic Services since 2016. William was first introduced to the world of paramedicine through this very group and began his journey to become a Paramedic when he joined Peel MedVents as a venturer scout in 2012. William is the longest standing member of the group. ¬†Through the groups mentorship he was able to graduate with honours from Oxford College in Burlington, Ontario in 2018. He also has experience working events throughout Ontario ranging from high school football games to the CN Tower stair climb. He’s even worked on TV sets as a medic for a reality TV show. William has been in scouting since cubs with the 3rd Streetsville pack and has years of outdoor experience. He has planned several trips through scouting and more in his off time with friends and family, applying his real world outdoor skills. Now that he’s an advisor he is eager to pass on his accumulated knowledge of medicine and the outdoors.